Saturday, December 1, 2007

Pig hunting in Culpeper County

I have found a new hunt that I am really getting in to, Feral Pig hunting. On 11/17/07 i got my first pig at a little over 200 yards. The pig was a boar and dressed out at around 250 pounds. After finding a person to butcher him for me, I ended up with around 190 pounds of meat. On 12/01/07 I went back to the same location and ended up shooting two sows with one at 100 lbs and the other at 75 pounds dressed out. My neighbor helped me cape these two out and he is going to process them for his freezer.

I have had a couple of good meals off of the boar to include:

breakfast sasauge

Ham Steaks

Shoulder roast

and tomorrow night Pork Chops.
Well will update when I get something else.


Anonymous said...

I live in Stafford and have been interested in hunting hogs for a while now. I know a few people out there but have only hunted dove and deer so far. Would really like an opportunity to go feral hog hunting soon. I will be deploying in June so the sooner the better. Thanks in advance I hope.

Anonymous said...

Oh and you can reach me at 703-576-4115 cell.